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Tax Preparation

Tax Preparation

Terms and Conditions

The following outlines the terms and conditions of our tax preparation engagement with you.

  • Invoices are due and payable upon receipt, in advance, of tax services being performed.
  • The tax preparation fee is based on the complexity and time required to prepare the return.
  • You are responsible for providing all information and tax documents required to initiate service.
  • DOCUMENT SUBMISSION: You agree to submit your tax documents using the following
    approved methods: SecureFile, Email, Postal or Package delivery, Fax or drop-off.
  • DOCUMENT SUBMISSION DEADLINE: To ensure tax returns are filed by the deadline, all tax
    information and documents must be successfully received in our office NO LATER THAN ten (10)
    business days prior to the tax filing deadline.
  • Tax information and documents received after the submission deadline may still be processed,
    however, there is NO GUARANTEE the return will be filed on or before the tax deadline.
  • Tax returns are prepared in first come, first served order.
  • If EXPEDITED SERVICE is requested, you agree to pay an additional $150 RUSH FEE per return.
  • We may ask you to clarify some items but will not audit or otherwise verify the data you submit.
  • If applicable, we will return your original tax documents to you at the end of the engagement.
  • If we are unable to e-file your return, you will be solely responsible to file the returns with the
    appropriate taxing authorities.
  • You agree to carefully review the tax return reports and Signature Documents before signing.
  • Our engagement to prepare your tax return will conclude with the delivery of the Client Copy.


Check the box to affirm your understanding and agreement to the terms and conditions.