Entertainers & Professional Athletes

Taxes are a significant expense for entertainers and athletes, yet they receive the least amount of attention. Additionally, federal and state taxing authorities often aggressively pursue revenue from entertainers who may make only limited or single appearances in their jurisdictions.

Minimizing the impact of taxes on entertainers and athletes requires knowledge of how to maximize deductions, credits and other incentives while minimizing the risk of noncompliance. With significant experience in the music and entertainment industry, The Tax Center helps our entertainer and athlete clients minimize their tax liability through:

  • >Tax-efficient business structuring to minimize federal, state and local, and international taxes
  • >Year-round tax planning to achieve optimal tax deductions
  • >Consulting on retirement plans, such as a SEP IRA or defined benefit plans, to maximize savings and minimize taxes
  • >Bookkeeping services to help manage revenue, expenses and maximize cash flow
  • >Identifying states and municipalities, as well as foreign jurisdictions, in which entertainers or their production companies have compliance requirements
  • >Preparing applicable federal and state/local income tax returns
  • >Representing clients before the IRS as well as state and local agencies

If you have questions about entertainment tax incentives or tax compliance, please click here or call 770-817-3910 to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced tax professionals.